Percentage rent is nothing new. What’s new is our technology that streamlines the process.


Transparency Like Never Before

With our stand-alone POS or our seamless integration into any POS system we enable a landlord to keep track of their tenant’s daily sales to ensure accuracy, transparency and reduction of labor.

Communities Are Thriving

Our technology empowers business owners and landlords all across America. Research has shown, property owners and tenants generate higher income when percentage rent is a factor in their lease terms.

Learn more about the benefits of rents being paid by a percentage of the business revenues, with or without a minimum base rent.

All Space Types

Retail, restaurants, warehouses or any commercial space, percentage rent can be applied to all space types.

Flexible Terms

landlords and operators succeed flawlessly through innovation and our out-of-the-box approach. This is where Old school meets new school.

Time is Money

Our AI driven algorithms can project monthly revenues close to accuracy providing meaningful cost saving insights to landlords and tenants.

Coming to a City Near You – The Percentage Rent model

We’ve heard you and we agree, RENT is damn high! Barterlet is the only company focusing on bringing back Brick & Mortar shops, restaurants, retail and filling vacant and abandoned spaces by partnering with landlords on a “Percentage Rent” model. Join Us.

Created by
Entrepreneurs and Property Owners

The team at Barterlet is comprised of over 250 years of experience in Commercial Real Estate, retail, management, technology and finance.

Partnering with Barterlet to close the gap between landlords and tenants is a win-win situation for all parties.

There’s just something special about walking through the neighborhood and store hopping. An experience online cannot replace. The more local businesses that are operating the merrier.



We’re not new to this. Join the revolution!

Use Our Software

We’ve designed the most robust and simple to use application to use with any existing POS system. It can also be used as a stand-alone system. it is tailored to work in any sector. Retail, hospitality, restaurants and many more.

Partner With Barterlet

Local or National, we will grow with you. Allow us to barter the location or Operator of a lifetime. Our process is simple, the results are priceless.

There’s no better time than now to make a change in how business is conducted.

Find A Space To Barter

We are continuously adding to our inventory of properties that landlords are willing to consider on a 100% percentage rent or a combination of both base rent and percentage rent. Search our database and let’s build something big!

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