We are operators, mentors, partners and problem solvers.

We Love Small Businesses!

First driven out of a passion for the local economy, Barterlet aims to save small businesses and reinvent the way landlords and tenants operate by bartering an agreement.

Be The Change You Want To See!

Now with online and small satellite warehouse delivery businesses on the rise, the days of strolling to the local ice cream parlor or the neighborhood boutique apparel store and many other store fronts are almost but gone.


Barterlet aims to fill vacant empty storefronts, warehouses, spaces and more with Operators who would love the opportunity of having their own small business without worrying about a fixed rental amount each month.

Join Us Now, Be Apart of Our Mission To Help Small Businesses

It’s our neighborhood we intend to put our best foot forward to make it great again while saving small businesses. Join Us.


Even landlords pays rent in some instances. We know the feeling, we know the excruciating gut wrenching feeling you get as the end of the month approaches and that huge rent is due.


Thanks to technology, landlords and small business owners are able to be transparent as never before. It’s no longer about one or the other, it’s about both.

Inventory Availability

With the unprecedented closure of retail spaces worldwide due to the growth of online shopping. Something had to be done to bring brick and mortar stores back while also filling vacant spaces and saving small businesses.

Technology Driven

Barterlet is the Platform of choice to facilitate a deal and the operations of the Shared Revenue model. Operated by humans but driven by AI.

Our business model and services are conducted with the highest levels of integrity. Join us in the revolution with small businesses.

“If I didn’t have to think about “Rent” most of the time, I would have been more successful from the very beginning.”

Bartertlet is Improving quality of life with
an out-of-the box approach.

We want our
neighborhoods back!

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